Technology ought to simplify our lives, not make it more complex.

Who are we?

Lunarpad is a small but strong software product development firm based around NYC.

We were founded in 2014 by long-time technologists Paul Shapiro and Howard Yee.

What do we do?

We've been collaborating with visionary creative professionals and entrepreneurs to build exquisite digital products, formulate game-changing strategies, and build companies, teams, and codebases for long-term, large-scale smash successes.

Our customers include trail-blazing digital creative studios like StinkDigital and Armchair, hot startups like The Cord Project and Treble, and big data firms like Schema Design.

In our spare time, we're bringing the true power of programming to mobile app designers with Producer for Mac, backing you up in the kitchen with Whatgoeswith for iOS, talking at your local iOS meetup about building code to survive the rigors of production, and some other ridiculously cool stuff which hasn't yet broken out of our secret labs.

We open-source a lot of useful Swift, Obj-C, and JS code we've built for our own products. If you're a developer, check out our GitHub:


We're headed up by veteran iOS developer, founder & CEO, Paul Shapiro  .